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Water Features in Atlanta

Water & Sound

Sounds which we are flooded with on a daily basis… Construction equipment, you’ve heard it beep.. beep.. beep. Or how about the whine of a Leaf Blower? GRRRR! I don’t know about you but my blood pressure raises 10 points when I’m inundated with these sounds! That is why I love coming home to my Backyard Rezort!

Water Garden Features – Healing Water

Carrie Underwood’s hit single declares “There Must Be Something In The Water”. In fact there is “Something in the Water”. Water takes on whatever shape or containment which it is placed and creates healing sound as it passes over objects along it’s path. The sound of a babbling brook has been proven to be one of the most relaxing sounds and one of the most popular sounds, included in electronic sleep sound generators.

A recent study by the ASA (Acoustical Society of America) suggests that the sound of a babbling brook could be used in hospitals to improve patients moods! It is a fact that Sight and Sound rank higher amongst the five human senses.

  • Sight 83%
  • Sound 11%
  • Touch 3.5%
  • Smell 1.5%
  • Taste 1%

    Rezort Outdoors goal is to address the 5 senses in our finished product. We’ve got you covered with the first two, Sight and Sound, the remaining three. Touch, Smell and Taste are up to you!

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